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Why Foster?
While at our kennel, the dogs we take in thrive with the attention and care we give them.  But there are some dogs who do less well in the kennel environment.  We always need fosters for dogs in fragile health or with a health concern, those who are more timid and fearful of other dogs, and seniors.   

Fostering these dogs gives them a second chance at life, while being fun and rewarding for the foster family.  Fostering offers canine companionship to those unable to make a long-term commitment. It helps relieve over-crowding at the shelter, which can be stressful to some dogs, and enables others, who require more attention, medical or otherwise, the tender-loving care they need and deserve.  If you are interested in fostering now, or at some point in the future, contact us by email.
Viewing by appointment only.
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